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Enabling the next generation of ADAS radar chips

Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving technologies promise to be the key components that will make future driving safer and journeys by car more enjoyable. In order to make this happen, Rohde & Schwarz offers unique testing solutions and pushes the limits forward together with the automotive industry.

For their advanced research, innovative startup Uhnder has chosen the brand new R&S®ATS1500C compact-range test chamber with best-in-class CATR reflector solution to verify the performance and calibrate their award-winning 4D digitally modulated automotive radar-on-chip (RoC).

The R&S®ATS1500C test chamber, combined with the R&S®AREG100A automotive radar echo generator for precise radar target simulation, is a compact and flexible solution for your laboratory, offering an outstanding indirect far-field testing performance with a large quiet zone. Rohde & Schwarz with unique solutions and industry-leading expertise is the partner of choice for the most accurate calibration and repeated on-the-edge testing when developing the next generation automotive radar chip.

Uhnder is bringing to market an innovative radar-on-chip, with its 192 virtual channels and pioneering high contrast resolution (HCR), to redefine the key radar technology for safer driving and pave the way towards driverless cars of the future. This breakthrough chip technology has been rewarded with one of the prestigious CES 2020 innovation awards.

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CES 2020 Oscilloscope automotive radar
Oscilloscope automotive radar
Automotive radar - AREG and FSW
Automotive radar - AREG and FSW
CES 2020 QAR demonstration
QAR demonstration
CES 2020 - Diagnostic chamber presentation
Chamber demonstration

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High precision radar testing: the ATS1500C

The R&S®ATS1500C Antenna Test System is a CATR based compact, movable antenna test chamber for calibration and validation of 77/79 GHz automotive radar sensors. It is carefully designed to eliminate ghost targets within the chamber optionally combined with R&S®AREG100A performing target simulation tests and provides a highly accurate positioner for angular measurements.

Although the R&S®ATS1500C has a remarkably compact size the CATR system allows for measurements in far field conditions even for premium MIMO sensors.

Learn more about the R&S®ATS1500C compact high-precision test-chamber.

Meet the first digital automotive radar
Meet the first digital automotive radar