cdma2000® 1xRTT Technology

cdma2000® 1xRTT Technology

cdma2000®, also known as cdma2000®1xRTT, 1X or IS-2000, is a 3G mobile telecommunications standard for wireless transmission of voice and data with significant deployments worldwide.

cdma2000® is based on code division multiplex access (CDMA), where all users share the same 1.25 MHz-wide channel, but use individual pseudo noise (PN) sequences for differentiation. cdma2000® is fully downward compatible with cdmaOne (IS-95), making the upgrade path easy and seamless for operators.

The new cdma2000® Revision E expands voice capacity by supporting new radio configurations, and it contains enhanced features such as femtocell support, geolocation support and cell identification broadcast messaging.

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