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  • Service & Maintenance - Secure Communications

    Service & MaintenanceRohde & Schwarz service and maintenance equipment allows functional and verification testing of Rohde & Schwarz radios.As a supplier of secure radiocommunications systems and versatile radio test equipment for all aspects of radiocommunications, Rohde & Schwarz possesses the comprehensive expertise to meet any test requirement, from conventional analog communications systems

  • GLORIS | Self-Service Portal

    GLORIS | Self-Service Portal GLORIS – the Rohde & Schwarz self-service portal for customers and partners GLORIS – the Rohde & Schwarz self-service portal GLORIS is a Rohde & Schwarz self-service portal that facilitates your everyday operations. We strive to meet our customers' and partners' needs in a fast and efficient way by providing online features such as issuing support inquiries and

  • HAMEG_Value_Service_registration

    HAMEG_Value_Service_registration Brochures and Data Sheets Service Brochure HAMEG Value Service 1 General The HAMEG Value Service is an extra service provided free of charge by HAMEG Instruments GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "HAMEG"), which is offered to the owner of a HAMEG product based on the provisions set out below. This HAMEG Value Service shall not affect or restrict any existing

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  • Service & support

    Service & supportService that adds value VideoteaserService that adds value (Brochure)Online Service ManagementOur user-friendly R&S®Online Service Management helps you save time by managing your instruments and service cases. It goes along with benefits from numerous service management functions.More Information Service Order TrackingYou need details about the state of your service at Rohde

  • Service description | Software-as-a-Service Solutions

    This document sets out the Service Levels for the Services provided by Rohde & Schwarz (“R&S”) under the R&S General Terms and Conditions for the Software-as-a-Service Solutions (“Terms”).

  • Service description | Software-as-a-Service Solutions

    Service description | Software-as-a-Service Solutions Service Level Agreement This Agreement sets out the Service Levels for the Services provided by Rohde & Schwarz (“ R&S ”) under the R&S General Terms and Conditions for the Software-as-a-Service Solutions (“ Terms ”). 1. DEFINITIONS Notwithstanding the definitions in the Terms capitalized terms used in this Appendix 1 other than proper nouns

  • Satellite Monitoring - Radiomonitoring

    on many years of professional experience. It ranges from flexible, transportable solutions to complex strategic stationary systems for simultaneous interception of signals and services from multiple satellites. Areas of application include the analysis and identification of unknown satellite-based communications as well as the processing of satellite signals and services for intelligence purposes.

  • Headend

    including two CI slots (CAM) DVB-S2 multistream capability Built-in BISS descrambling Multiplexer R&S®AVG050 ISDB-T R&S®AVG050 ISDB-T gateway The R&S®AVG050 is a compact BTS gateway with integrated satellite receiver for ISDB-Tb networks. Integrated DVB-S/DVB-S2 receiver including two CI slots (CAM) ASI input for local services TS remultiplexing and BTS output generation

  • TV transmitters

    TV transmitters TV Transmitters | Rohde & Schwarz TV transmitters From the most powerful ones in the world to small intelligent gap fillers. Rohde & Schwarz TV transmitters ensure your transmission service quality. Rohde & Schwarz TV transmitters feature outstanding efficiency, a compact design and minimal operational costs. With decades of experience in designing and producing quality

  • Signal & Spectrum Analyzer - Test & Measurement

    ®FPL1000 Control of multiple instruments from one PC Modulation AnalyzersR&S®EVSG1000 VHF/UHF Airnav/Com AnalyzerEfficient servicing of air navigation and communications systems High-precision analysis of ILS, VOR and marker beacon ground systems (in line with ICAO Doc 8071 and ICAO Annex 10) Analysis of air traffic control communications (ATC COM) signalsR&S®EVSF1000 VHF/UHF Nav/Flight

Results 1 - 10 of 4377
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