R&S®DST200 RF diagnostic chamber

Accurate radiated wireless device testing

R&S®DST200 RF diagnostic chamber
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R&S®DST200 RF diagnostic chamber, front view

Key Facts

  • Anechoic RF chamber with highly effective shielding > 110 dB 
  • Wide frequency range from 400 MHz to 18 GHz 
  • Automated 3D positioners for OTA measurements
  • Compact dimensions for any lab environment 
  • Unique design maintains long-term, highly effective shielding

OTA measurements with smallest footprint

The R&S®DST200 RF diagnostic chamber is ideal for RF analysis during development. It supports a wide range of radiated test applications for wireless devices and fits on any R&D lab bench, for use at any time during the product design and optimization phases. The R&S®DST200 effectively allows for high first-time pass rates during final type approval, saving time and money.
The R&S®DST200 supports the radiated tests required in R&D, quality assurance, production and service. 

Features & benefits

Shorter product development process

Shorter product development process for quicker time to market

Designing cutting-edge wireless devices such as multistandard smartphones requires extensive testing and verification. Radiated tests are essential during development and require special test tools and environments. To minimize total cost of ownership, testing tools and environments should be flexible enough for deployment at different sites.

Test tools from R&D to type approval
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Test tools from R&D to type approval

High measurement accuracy and repeatability

The R&S®DST200 is a compact, RF shielded anechoic chamber with an integrated broadband cross-polarized
or circular-polarized test antenna for the frequency range from 400 MHz to 18 GHz.
Free-space conditions are achieved at the EUT test position through the optimized design and the layout of pyramidal RF absorbers. This minimizes parasitic loading of the EUT and antenna detuning from the conductive parts of the chamber frame.

R&S®DST-B150 manual 3D positioner
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R&S®DST-B150 manual 3D positioner

R&S®DST-B150 manual 3D positioner is designed with RF transparent materials (Rohacell) 

Broadband test and communications antennas

All test antennas for the R&S®DST200 are single modules that the customer can easily change out by opening the top cover of the R&S®DST200.;
The R&S®DST-B270 and R&S®DST-B270 communications antennas can be mounted with horizontal or vertical orientation. This eliminates the effects of nulls in 3D patterns and provides a stable communications link.

R&S®DST-B215 cross polarized Vivaldi antennas
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R&S®DST-B215 cross polarized Vivaldi antennas

Automated 3D positioner for OTA measurements

The optional R&S®DST-B160 3D positioner provides automated OTA measurements for TRP and TIS. The EUT is attached to a removable holder at the center of the positioner and rotated independently
on the azimuth and elevation axes by two servomotors. An optical sensor ensures high positioning accuracy. 
The supporting structure is made from material with very low relative permittivity to minimize field perturbation in the EUT quiet zone.

R&S®DST-B160 automated 3D positioner
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R&S®DST-B160 automated 3D positioner

Individual calibration 

Individual calibration of the R&S®DST200 RF diagnostic chamber

The optional reference antennas for path loss calibration ensure accurate measurements that can be performed on-site. Two different
biconical broadband antennas are available. The R&S®TS-RANT3 has a frequency range from 400 MHz to 3 GHz for cellular and WLAN low frequency bands. The R&S®TS-RANT18 has a frequency range from 3 GHz to 18 GHz for precise calibration of higher frequencies.

R&S®DST-B120 positioner kit for calibration
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R&S®DST-B120 positioner kit for calibration

Automated measurements

Automated measurements with ready-to-use test templates

The comprehensive R&S®AMS32 OTA performance measurement software supports various test applications with the R&S®DST200 RF diagnostic chamber:
- Verification of over-the-air (OTA) performance (TRP, TIS)
- Coexistence testing to verify receiver performance with multiple radio services active simultaneously in a wireless
device (e.g. LTE and Bluetooth®)
Easy test configuration for
parameters such as cellular band and power level.

Sample antenna pattern
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Sample antenna pattern

Example of antenna pattern showing TRP for LTE band 13 (782 MHz)

Available options

Feed through panels

Order Number 1514.7778.02


Filter Panel for R&S®DST200, 9-pin D-Sub, fiber-optic


Order Number 1514.7784.02


Interface Panel for R&S®DST200, 2 × N, 2 × RF cable


Order Number 1514.7790.02


Filter Panel for R&S®DST200, USB 2.0


Order Number 1516.8407.02


Filterpanel for R&S®DST200, 100V to 240V, AC

Test and communication antennas

Order Number 1527.3576.02


Cross-Polarized Vivaldi Test Antenna for R&S®DST200

Selection of R&S®DST-B215, R&S®DST-B220 or R&S®DST-B231 is mandatory (factory-installed).


Order Number 1518.4509.02


Circular-Polarized Test Antenna for R&S®DST200

Selection of R&S®DST-B215, R&S®DST-B220 or R&S®DST-B231 is mandatory (factory-installed).


Order Number 1518.5328.02


Test Antenna Kit for R&S®DST200

Selection of R&S®DST-B215, R&S®DST-B220 or R&S®DST-B231 is mandatory (factory-installed).


Order Number 1518.4515.02


Linear-Polarized Communications Antenna for R&S®DST200


Order Number 1518.4609.02


Linear-Polarized Communications Antenna, 2 pcs., power splitter


Order Number 1516.8659.02


Positioner for Calibration Antennas


Order Number 1515.1467.02


Elevated EUT table for R&S®DST200


Order Number 1515.1480.02


Manual 3D Positioner for R&S®DST200


Order Number 1516.8007.02


Automated 3D Positioner for R&S®DST200


Order Number 1519.3506.02


Large Automated 3D Positioner for R&S®DST200


Order Number 1519.3935.02


Upgrade Kit for R&S®DST-B160

General analysis

Order Number 1518.5270.02


OTA Measurement Software Basic Package for R&S®DST200

Selection of option as required for your application. Please contact your local Rohde & Schwarz expert.


Order Number 1518.5286.02



Order Number 1518.5286.25


General accessories

Order Number 1518.9530.02


Shipping Container for R&S®DST200


Order Number 1515.1473.02


RF Cable, 18 GHz, 1.5 m, 2 × N connectors, high shielding effectiveness


Order Number 1518.5205.02


EUT Holder for R&S®DST-B160


Order Number 1519.3941.02


EUT Holder for R&S®DST-B165


Order Number 1516.4224.02


Linear-Polarized Calibration Antenna, 400 MHz to 3 GHz


Order Number 1516.4224.05


Antenna Calibration Data for R&S®TS-RANT3C: gain, AF, VSWR


Order Number 1516.4218.02


Linear-Polarized Calibration Antenna, 3 GHz to 18 GHz


Order Number 1516.4218.05


Antenna Calibration Data for R&S®TS-RANT18C: gain, AF, VSWR

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Câmara de diagnóstico R&S®DST200 RF

fev. 12, 2019

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