Voice communication systems for remote tower control

Voice communication systems for remote tower control

Remote tower technology: for air-to-ground and ground-to-ground communications

The continuous increase in the volume of air traffic presents air traffic control (ATC) with ever greater challenges. These include not only requirements for air traffic safety but also for efficiency, environmental compatibility and especially cost effectiveness.

With "Single European Sky" and in particular "Single European Sky ATM Research" (SESAR), the European Commission and EUROCONTROL have started key projects to promote these developments.

An integral part of these concepts is remote tower technology. It enables individual remote towers to be remotely controlled from central locations over distances of several hundred or a thousand kilometers. A redundant, IP based voice communications system (VCS) at a central location dynamically connects to air to ground and ground to ground communications resources at various airports.

The installation of a VoIP system in which the intelligence is distributed over various devices significantly increases reliability and availability because a failure of individual system components has no effect on the operation of the rest of system. Other advantages include increased flexibility in air traffic control operations and consequently more efficient services for passengers and other airport users.

Remote tower technology also provides significant economic benefits. It dramatically reduces both investment and operating costs. Synergy effects for procurement, operation and maintenance result from the fact that the same IP infrastructure can be used simultaneously for a large number of applications (including voice, video and weather).

The remote tower technology can be integrated into an existing IP infrastructure at any time. Thanks to its fully IP based system architecture, scalability and distributed infrastructure, the R&S®VCS 4G is ideal for remote tower applications.

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