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CERTIUM – Shaping the future of air traffic control

Highly volatile air traffic volumes, rapid technological advancements, the continuing digitalization of the aviation sector, evolving cyber threats and limited resources pose great challenges for air navigation service providers. Aviation safety constantly needs to keep pace without making compromises. Safety and security are non-negotiable, and operations must also remain efficient and flexible. CERTIUM from Rohde & Schwarz is both the solution to these challenges and a promise to the air traffic control (ATC) community:

  • An advanced and comprehensive air traffic communications suite
  • A solution that exceeds current safety, security and efficiency standards

CERTIUM features a complete portfolio from a single source with perfectly matched components based on full IP technology and full compliance with EUROCAE ED-137.

Established more than 85 years ago, Rohde & Schwarz is recognized as a reliable partner for aviation and industry customers, security authorities and organizations, and operators of critical infrastructures.

Rohde & Schwarz air traffic communications systems contribute to air traffic safety at more than 200 airports and flight operations centers all over the world. The Rohde & Schwarz CERTIUM program provides ATC infrastructure operators with all the equipment they need for their communications networks, including radios, direction finders, voice communications systems, network components and software. The advanced air traffic communications suite supports all current typical ATC use cases.

Supporting today’s and tomorrow’s use cases in air traffic control

The IP based CERTIUM advanced air traffic communications system architecture allows virtual control centers and remote towers to be set up, enabling air traffic controllers to manage aircraft over long distances and across borders without having to hand over to another controller. Rohde & Schwarz is known for bringing future aviation technologies to the market, such as the L-band Digital Aeronautical Communications System (LDACS), a new air-to-ground communications standard for air traffic communications systems. Another example is mobile ATC turnkey systems that keep ATC operational, especially in areas that have suffered disasters or other adverse impacts on critical infrastructure.

Project Management

Turning system solutions into operations

Systems Engineering

Expertise and processes to support ATC system delivery


Successful operation over the system lifecycle

CERTIUM portfolio

CERTIUM® VCS — система речевой связи для управления воздушным движением

Безопасная и надежная речевая связь для безопасного неба

Product information

Радиостанции R&S®CERTIUM®

Широкий ассортимент ОВЧ/УВЧ- и ВЧ-радиостанций для управления гражданским воздушным движением

Product information

Шлюзы CERTIUM® GATEWAYS, вид сбоку

Плавный переход к IP-среде

Product information


Удобное централизованное управление

Product information

CERTIUM® LOCATE, изображение применения

Немедленная и надежная идентификация вызывающего воздушного судна

Product information


Air traffic control test and measurement solutions

Product information


Flexible and cost-effective next generation ATC communications

Product information

Пакет услуг CERTIUM®SERVICE, изображение применения

Стандартные и индивидуальные услуги для продукции CERTIUM®

Product information

Enhancing resilience with easily deployable ATC solutions

Join the webinar

Enhancing resilience with easily deployable ATC solutions

September 20, 2023 - 9 am and 5 pm CEST

The webinar provides examines modern operational concepts that ensure safe and efficient air traffic control: 

  • Innovative solutions such as virtual centers, remote towers and mobile radio stations
  • The benefits of the mobile ATC radio system (MARS) during disaster relief, ad hoc deployments and special events
  • How Rohde & Schwarz tailors the design and deployment MARS to Skyguide requirements
  • How MARS helps ANSPs with seamless air traffic operations in flexible use cases

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