Airport tower and air traffic control for small and medium airports

Airport tower

Airport tower control and air traffic control for small and medium airports

Cost-effective and space saving systems

While passenger numbers are on the rise, low-cost carriers have optimized their processes and capacity utilization in order to transport more guests with the same number of flight movements or less. This puts pressure on ANSPs and airport operators to provide both reliable and efficient air traffic control services for each flight during approach, taxi and departure. ANSP infrastructure is usually restricted to existing space at the tower and/or data center, since any airport expansion is usually dedicated to revenue generating activities such as shops and restaurants.

CERTIUM® offers the solution to these challenges, with reliable yet cost-effective and space saving systems for small and medium airports. These can also be scaled up to support traffic growth or the requirements of international hubs. From a few controller working positions connected to several radios up to dozens of CWPs with hundreds of radios, the CERTIUM® advanced communications suite is the ideal choice for any airport tower control scenario. The reliable direction finding technology of CERTIUM® LOCATE geolocates the aircraft calling the tower and displays it to the controller in order to avoid call-sign confusion and reduce read-back errors, which increases safety.

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Easy operation for the air traffic controller

Intuitive graphical user interface on the controller working position is important for effective work of air traffic controllers.

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CERTIUM VCS architecture

Voice communications systems (VCS) are the heart of all air traffic control operations. The enormous requirements and responsibilities on the vital connection between the pilot and the air traffic controller can only be mastered by very advanced systems.

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80 seconds with CERTIUM Radios

We’re spending 80 seconds with our CERTIUM Radios, designed to achieve the highest degree of security: Network separation, secure protocols, and more. Francesco Gualtieri, ATC Radio Communications Product Manager, gives us an overview about the ATC radio family.

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Learn more about the innovative solutions and technologies for secure and safe ATC communications.

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Virtual center

The virtual center capability of CERTIUM allows ANSP's to manage multiple area control centers as if they were in one location.

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Remote tower

CERTIUM supports digitalized/ virtualized tower operations where the controller does not work in the control tower, but rather from a remote location, either in the airports vicinity or hundreds of kilometers away.

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