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EMC32, export results table - Truncated data


I recently exported the results table from a test, and realized it had been truncated at line 65535.

I tried a few more times, but the result was the same.

What is the reason for the limitation?


For new versions of Excel, the number of rows has been increased with .xlsx file format.

Older Excel versions had a limitation to 65536. For compatibility reasons EMC32 is using the old extension for Excel files, which allows 0-65535 or 65536 possibilities.

For using EMC32 this is not an issue. With the following solutions you get around this limitation:

1. Simply copy the cells in the EMC32 and paste into Excel.

2. Select ASCII file as the type when saving and then open this file directly in Excel. Choose a Tab delineated file when opening to display the fields properly.