R&S®IETDView Publish

R&S® IETDView Publish
R&S® IETDView Publish
R&S® IETDView Publish

Create IETDs from S1000D raw data

Creating IETDs for R&S®IETDView: Since S1000D raw data is not suitable for display in a web browser, R&S®IETDPublisher converts the data into a browser-compatible format optimized for digital display. The software component R&S®IETDPublisher is part of R&S®IETDView Publish.

Converting unsuitable graphic formats: During publication, R&S®IETDPublisher checks the graphics for compatibility. To allow the use of optimized native web technologies, unsuitable graphic formats are converted to suitable formats, e.g.TIF to PNG and CGM to SVG. This eliminates the need for third-party graphic add-ons.

Publication packages for R&S®IETDView Autark: R&S®IETDPublisher packs the created IETDs into publication packages. To ensure data integrity, publication packages are always encrypted to prevent tampering. They can be imported into R&S®IETDView Autark for viewing.

Flexible linking to common source databases (CSDB): If S1000D raw data has been exported from a CSDB, it can be compiled into an IETD using R&S®IETDPublisher. No special data preprocessing is required. Technical editors can use their familiar IT infrastructure without needing to learn new software tools to create IETDs.

R&S®IETDPublisher: R&S®IETDPublisher recognizes different ASD/AIA S1000D input formats, performs various tests on the S1000D data modules, converts them from the original format (SGML or XML) into HTML5, generates additional administrative data and logs the results.

Quality assurance support for technical editors: Each time an IETD is created, R&S®IETDPublisher generates a log of any errors and inconsistencies. This allows technical editors to constantly monitor the quality of their S1000D raw data.

IETD print publications: R&S®IETDPublisher can generate a PDF from the S1000D raw data. R&S®IETDView can print individual documentation components (table of contents, data modules, graphics, tables, spare parts lists, etc.).

The software and release notes are available for download. You can check the system requirements here.

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