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EMC32, Download Transducer Factor to Test Receiver


I am using with EMC32. I would like to save the transducers from my Test on the Receiver. I would like to re-use it on the Receiver in manual operation, if necessary.

Is this possible?


Yes, this is possible with EMC32 in the following way.

Each transducer used im EMC32 adds up to one sum transducer. In EMC32 the transducer sum correction as used for scans or sweeps can optionally be downloaded into the Receicer, whenever the test reaches some idle state.

To activate this feature, open Extras=> Option => File/Test => Test

Download Transducer Factor to Test Receiver

If activated, then after each subrange of a running scan or sweep, the transducer factor correction sum as listed in the Result Table will be programmed to the Receiver (the transducer values will be stored as "_REMOTE_.TDF") extracting max. 625 points from that table. The TDF file will become active whenever the receiver reaches some idle state. It will not be active while EMC32 performs any measurements.