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End customers

Flying platforms in Army, Airforce and Navy

Armed forces are vulnerable to intentional or unintentional eavesdropping and jamming in today’s communications scenarios. Electronic protective measures (EPM) protect radio links from electronic countermeasures (ECM) such as jamming. These methods ensure a jam-free radio link. To protect radio links from tapping and spoofing; the information being transmitted can be encrypted via embedded encryption or additional external encryption devices.

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Secure voice communications

Secure, effective radiocommunications are essential for mission success in military organizations and state agencies. There is a rapidly growing demand for network-capable and reliable waveforms that are suitable for a wide range of simultaneous voice and data transmissions. In addition to using commercial IP data interfaces, it is crucially important to flexibly network various organizational units. SOVERON® WAVE take the possible hierarchical structures of communications users into consideration and reflect them in the radio network.

In addition to multiple simultaneous voice transmissions, SOVERON® WAVE also offer a strong encryption concept for exchanging voice and data messages. The waveforms are adapted to environmental conditions at all times and help ensure continuously stable communications. The waveforms provide high data rate transmissions within self-administered ad hoc networks.


High-performance waveforms designed to fulfill communications needs well into the future. The waveforms of the SOVERON®WAVE for the SOVERON® software defined radio family are based on state-of-the-art technology and form a viable, future-ready foundation for Rohde & Schwarz radiocommunications systems. Rohde & Schwarz drew on its many years of experience in secure radiocommunications in the VHF/UHF band to develop the SOVERON®WAVE.

These waveforms enable reliable communications in an anti-access and area-denial environment. Powerful frequency hopping and highly advanced encryption technologies are used to compensate for the influence of follower jammers and interception. The waveform suite provides the best options for transmitting secure high data rates without satellites in a jammed environment in various ground, air and combined ground-air-ground scenarios. Simultaneous voice and data capability significantly reduces the need for additional radios. The waveforms provide an increased situation awareness through adaptive high bandwidth IP networking. An embedded mobile ad hoc networking concept enables continuously stable communications within agile networks.

R&S®HDR-AJ-NB/R&S®HDR-AJ-WB static and dynamic channel allocation
R&S®HDR-AJ-NB/R&S®HDR-AJ-WB static and dynamic channel allocation

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