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Mobile network testing

Get more value out of your network

Network and service performance are critical to achieving optimal quality of experience (QoE) and quality of service (QoS). But it is regular testing and continuous optimization that are the key to ensuring customer satisfaction and securing network investments.

Mobile network testing solutions from Rohde & Schwarz let you reconcile your current and future dilemmas. Our extensive and diverse product portfolio provides all the software, hardware and resources you need to deliver better services with higher quality for customers while enabling suppliers to increase the value of their networks and products.

Neutral diagram indicating the Network Performance Score (NPS)

Network Performance Score (NPS)

The QoE-centric Network Performance Score (NPS) is a single metric that characterizes the overall network performance. The NPS compares the quality of mobile networks and visualizes the quality of experience (QoE) that the end users perceive when using common applications. This benchmarking approach covers all mobile networks in the tested area.

The NPS is integrated into the Smart platform and is the ideal point of reference for facilitating benchmarking and reducing the complexity of targeted improvements in network quality and performance.

Gaining QoE-centric intelligence in a mobile network with the Smart platform

Smart platform

QoE intelligence to maximize network quality and performance

In an increasingly complex and technology-driven market, mobile network operators are facing the challenges of reducing costs and increasing competitiveness. This, at a time when investments in infrastructure and resources are required to ensure the successful rollout of new services and technologies such as NB-IoT, LTE-M and 5G.

The Smart platform from Rohde & Schwarz returns control of investment costs to the mobile network operator; it unifies the industry’s most advanced testing solutions in an integrated, modular and flexible software and hardware platform.

Use cases in mobile network testing

Solutions to test the entire mobile network lifecycle

Operators, infrastructure vendors and their subcontractors, service providers and regulators are all facing conflicting and specific challenges in a competitive, fast-paced environment. Our solution portfolio addresses every test scenario in the network lifecycle and caters to every industry player’s specific and unique testing needs.

Rohde & Schwarz offers the answers to all questions around mobile network technologies

Expertise: Answers to your mobile network technology questions

Rapid technological advancements and the introduction of new technologies, such as IoT, 4×4 MIMO and soon 5G, keep operators on their toes. But infrastructure vendors, service providers and regulators are also hard-pressed to stay on top of developments and changes, including the industry’s latest testing techniques and expertise.

News from the mobile network testing world

Join our new webinar: Prepare your 5G NR spectrum for deployment

Tuesday, February 14. 2019

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The particular demands of 5G NR
  • 5G spectrum clearance and interference hunting
  • Test equipment capabilities
  • Real field measurements results at FR1 and FR2

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New webinar: Ensuring NB-IoT coverage, operation and performance

June 26, 2018

Current LTE networks are optimized to deliver voice, video and data services that require high bandwidth, throughput and Quality of Service. Networks for IoT applications, however, bring a new set of demands on network performance that focus on maximizing availability and minimizing battery consumption.

More details

Verify the behavior of Samsung S9 smartphones to optimize performance

March 28, 2018

Every new device entering the market represents a challenge to network operators. Flagship devices that introduce new operating systems, services and chipsets to the network are particularly challenging. Anticipate potential issues by verifying the S9s smartphone’s behavior in real-life conditions. Supporting the latest Exynos and Qualcomm chipset, the universal drive test and engineering software R&S®ROMES4 offers unique S9 measurement capabilities.

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Why voice quality is still a differentiator in today's mobile networks

March 26, 2018

The proportion of mobile network traffic represented by voice communications has been steadily decreasing so now it represents around 2% of traffic compared with around 70% for video. However, voice remains the principle service for which most subscribers use their mobile device, and voice quality continues to be a critical factor in how they perceive their operator and OTT applications. This webinar examines the significance of voice in today’s mobile networks and looks at the importance of an integrated metric that quantifies voice quality from an end-user perspective.

More details

The fastest way from data to insights with SmartReports

March 1, 2018

SmartReports changes the way you analyze data by illuminating previously opaque context to offer valuable insights. The completely web-based platform for monitoring, benchmarking and optimization data combines business intelligence with traditional data analysis and offers unparalleled ease of use. Intuitive workflows, designed around practical use cases, allow fast statistical analysis and flexible troubleshooting.

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Get Smart and bring more efficiency to all aspects of mobile network testing

February 22, 2018

Change your game with our new Smart platform, a software suite covering lab engineering, field acceptance, optimization, benchmarking and monitoring with common modules. The single, unified platform is a truly holistic end-to-end testing solution to increase productivity and efficiency. Control your investment costs with Smart and use advanced and sophisticated testing techniques for new technologies and mission-critical services.

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NEW webinar on October 10, 2018

5G NR network deployment is now – let´s test

With 5G NR network rollout clearly on the horizon, network operators worldwide are planning pre-commercial network trials in 2018 and 2019. The target is to overcome the challenge of a more demanding and complex air interface and deliver the commercial and technical benefits offered by 5G. This webinar considers how to ensure efficient and predictable 5G NR roll out, identifies the technical fundamentals and defines a test approach to deliver the required network performance. Real 5G NR network measurement results of coverage and operation and beamforming from a pre-commercial field trial are shared.

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Rohde & Schwarz Mobile Network Testing Certified Partner Program

Partner program to address network challenges end-to-end

Testing and benchmarking of mobile networks has reached an unprecedented level of complexity. Considering the rapid technological advancements and continuous introduction of new technologies, network complexity is likely to continue to increase. To better address current and future network testing challenges, we launched an industry-unique partner program and teamed up with like-minded experts.

Rohde & Schwarz mobile network testing expert blog

Mobile network testing expert blog

Keep up with the latest findings in network testing

Meet our mobile network testing experts and find out what they have to say about the latest trends and innovations in the industry. Enjoy informed posts about measurement approaches, testing procedures, hardware and software designs, evolving technologies and more. Subscribe. Engage. Share. And get more value out of your network.

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