VoLTE conformance testing

VoLTE conformance testing

As the Internet protocol multimedia subsystem (IMS) becomes more prevalent within mobile operator core networks, new customer and value-added features, such as VoLTE, rich communications services (RCS) and videotelephony, are attaining greater importance and are now coming to market.

These technologies provide mobile operators and device manufacturers with new ways to differentiate their products and, more importantly, to create new revenue streams.

The IMS and VoLTE signaling protocol test solutions from Rohde & Schwarz can be used for early R&D as well as for network operator acceptance tests and signaling conformance tests based on 3GPP TS 34.229 and TS 36.523. Powerful protocol analysis tools accelerate error finding and log post processing. The Rohde & Schwarz protocol testers support all relevant GCF and PTCRB conformance test cases and are upgradable to meet future demands.

The R&S®CMW500 is a GCF and PTCRB validated test platform for IMS-related protocol conformance testing:

  • 3GPP TS 34.229 IMS Call Control (CC) / MTSI / EVS
  • LTE SMS over IMS
  • IMS emergency call over LTE
  • 3GPP TS 36.523 Single Radio Voice Call Continuity
  • aSRVCC (in alerting phase)
  • bSRVCC (before ringing phase)
  • 3GPP TS 36.523 Service Specific Access Control

Whether you need to perform IMS conformance tests or network operator acceptance tests, the R&S®CMW500 is the perfect test instrument to investigate the protocol and performance related behavior of your mobile devices. Options covering 3GPP standards like LTE, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, GSM, CDMA2000®1xRTT and CDMA2000®1xEV-DO, as well as non-cellular standards such as WLAN/Wi-Fi, make the R&S®CMW500 the ideal one-box test solution for protocol testing for both R&D and conformance.

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R&S®CMW-PQA test system for performance quality analysis

The R&S®CMW-PQA can be used to verify VoLTE end-to-end throughput and performance. It is validated by various network operators for their specific throughput and performance test plans.

Product information

R&S®CMW500 – Protocol tester

The R&S®CMW500 is the perfect test instrument for providing signaling test solutions for 3GPP standards like LTE, WCDMA and GSM, because a radio access network simulation is made available to developers of wireless devices.

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R&S®CMW-ATE terminal testing solution for IMS and VoLTE

From R&D to conformance testing of the IMS protocol stack of wireless devices and chipsets, the R&S®CMW-ATE is the perfect solution for verifying IMS functionalities such as VoLTE, SMS over IMS, IMS emergency calls and joyn (Rich Communication Suite enhanced, RCS-e).

Product information

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