1MA028: IQWizard - IQ Signal Measurement and Conversion

IQWizard is a tool for loading IQ signal files in various formats and measuring IQ signals with a FSx spectrum analyzer or ESx Receiver. The obtained IQ data in memory can be stored in various formats or be transmitted to an R&S® vector signal generator with WinIQSIM™ or WinIQSIM2™.

Name Type Language Version Date Size
1MA028_41e_IQWizard.pdf Application Note English 41e 06.03.2017 1 MB
1MA028_IQWizard32_6.0.6.exe Application Note File English 6.0.6 28.03.2017 19 MB
1MA028_IQWizard64_6.0.6.exe Application Note File English 6.0.6 28.03.2017 21 MB
1MA028_IQWizardMc_6.0.6a.dmg Application Note File English 6.0.6a 28.03.2017 27 MB
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