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Dongle necessary for FS-K96?


Is an FSPC license dongle (1310.0002.03) always needed to run the FS-K96 software?


Yes, the FSPC is always needed for doing measurements. Without an FSPC and a license key, the FS-K96 software will operate in the demo mode - with no analyzer connection and access to only a few demonstration files.

There are, however, two different versions of K96:

FS-K96PC (1310.0219.06) can be run on a PC and used with and without connection to an analyzer

FS-K96 (1310.0202.06) can be run on a PC and requires connection to the FSQ, FSG, FSUP, FSV, FSVR or RTO.

To enable the FS-K96 software via smartcard (dongle), you have to load the FS-K96PC or FS-K96 license onto an FSPC smartcard (dongle). The FSPC smartcard can be used in a smartcard reader or in the USB adapter that comes with every FSPC.

Dongle necessary for FS-K96?