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ELEKTRA, R&S License Server mandatory prerequisite was not correctly installed


I tried to install the software ELEKTRA on my PC. Unfortunately, the installation aborts with the following messages:

How can I fix this issue?


In very rare cases, it may happen that during installation the ELEKTRA License Server is detected as malware by the installed antivirus software. This is called 'false positive' because the antivirus program incorrectly identifies the program being installed as malicious. Instead of completing the installation, the license server will be deleted and ELEKTRA can not be used. However, there may be other causes for this error, such as missing user rights.

For a more detailed analysis, you can leave the window with the first error message open, run a DOS-box with admin rights and change to the License Server directory, because at this moment the installation is still present and not removed. You can gather more information for your local IT admin to look at before removing the License Server from the system. Here are the steps in detail:

If an error message like "Service 'R&S License Server' (RsLicenseServerApp) could not be installed ..." is displayed, then BEFORE (!) this message is closed:

  • Open another console window and change to folder "c:\Program Files (x86)\Rohde-Schwarz\LicenseServer\bin"
  • There try to start the LicenseServer manually (multiple times if necessary) with the command "RsLicenseServerApp.exe" and take screenshots of the displayed console (error?) messages, if any
  • Then pack the folder "c:\ProgramData\Rohde-Schwarz\LicenseServer" (including sub-folders) into a ZIP archive
  • Then close the message window
  • Wait for the installation process to finish

Now, the local IT admin can evaluate the error messages that are generated and take the appropriate measures (virus scanner, user rights, ...) so that the installation runs without problems.