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EMCAN32 (up to EMC32 V10.35) no connection to CANoe 9


I am still using CANoe Version 9 and so I have to install the EMCAN32 from EMC32 V10.35 or below following the manual.
I already could work with this software on my computer, but after I changed the OS and performed the complete installation again, I do not get interconnection between EMCAN32 and CANoe. How do I get this installation working?


The CANoe V.9 setup does not install the mandatory COM-Port interface. The manufacturer is providing a patch to solve this problem.
Another way to handle that topic, is to install CANoe V8.1 and then continue with the setup of version 9.

For CANoe 10 and above this interface no longer is supported. From EMC32 V10.40 on we deliver the new 64bit version of EMCAN