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HMP Series accessoires


Which accessoires are available for the HMP series PSUs?

I currently search for some kind of "quick plug" solution for the HMP rear connectors.

It is very unpractical to screw and unscrew the connections for different applications.


Except the accessoires shown in the datasheet

HO720 (RS232 / USB interface card)

HO740 (IEEE488 / GPIB interface card)

HZ42 (2HU 19" rack adapter for HMP20x0)

HZP91 (4HU 19" rack adapter for HMP40x0)

WE1/WE2 (extended waranty 1/2 years)

CW1/CW2 (extended waranty with calibration coverage 1/2 years)

we have the following parts available for the HMP series:

HZ10S / HZ10R / HZ10B (5x silcone test lead black / red / blue)

ERST.2 (4mm safety test lead 250mm 3593.6789.00 red / 3593.6795.00 black / 3593.6808.00 blue)

Concerning the quick plug connectors there is a solution available consisting of the following separate parts:

HMP Series accessoires

3593.4205.00 stays fixed in the HMP while the other parts are used for premounting and quick connecting.

These plugs can only be ordered at our spare part service department.

3593.4205.00 Terminal Block PCB VERT, OPEND 04P

3593.4211.00 Terminal Block PLUG VERT, ENTRY 08P

3593.4228.00 Terminal Block PLUG VERT, ENTRY 12P

To get a quote for those spare parts, just send an email with the subject "HMP spare part request" to customersupport@rohde-schwarz.com