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Merge Dongles into one USB Dongle Only?


We have two USB dongles, i.e. one for the software and one for an EMC32-Kxx option.

Can I merge these two USB dongles into one only?

If I merge them into one dongle, what will happen to the data of the second dongle?


Yes, it is possible to merge these two dongles into one. To reduce the

number of iKeys, the "iKey Merge Tool" has been installed on EMC32.

The tool makes it possible to transfer the content of an EMC32-Kxx or

EMC32-Uxx option iKey to an EMC32-EB/-S main license key.

Before running the "iKey Merge Tool", make sure that the USB interface is

activated. If you merge the two dongles, the information on your EMC32-Kxx

dongle will be deleted.