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RT-ZVC - Autoranging and gain switching


I have some questions about the probe RT-ZVC:


When gain switching is activated does the sampling rate go down to 50kSamples/s? Is gain switching available with RTE1022 scope?


Auto-ranging is not mentioned for R&S®RT-ZVC02/-ZVC04 models, but it is mentioned for R&S®RT-ZVC02A/-ZVC04 models. I assume auto-ranging is not available when using R&S®RT-ZVC02/-ZVC04 model, but it is available for R&S®RT-ZVC02A/-ZVC04 model, can you clarify that?


Question 1:

Gain switching is always active, also when connected to RTE or RTO.

The sample rate is therefore always up to 50 kSamples/s.

Question 2:

You are right - autoranging is only available for the modells with "A" at the end and these can not be used for the oscilloscopes RTE and RTO.

At the modells without "A" the range must be selected from the user. You have access to the settings in the RTE/RTO menue. Gain switching is done within that selected range.