FE170ST/SR: sub-terahertz, above expectations


Coming soon: R&S®FE170ST & R&S®FE170SR frontends

Be equipped for early sub-THz and 6G research activities

R&S FE170ST & FE170SR front ends

Get ready for

  • Excellent signal performance
  • Fully integrated solution
  • Internal local oscillator (LO)
  • Compact form factor
  • Smart accessories

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FE170ST/SR Background

Make the next generation of mobile communications possible

The R&S®FE170ST and R&S®FE170SR are the perfect solution for early sub-terahertz and 6G research activities. By extending the frequency range of the R&S®SMW200A and R&S®FSW to D-Band (110 GHz to 170 GHz) the engineers are allowed to access the range they need and develop the next generation of mobile communications. The easy-to-use, fully-calibrated solution is compatible to our signal generator and analyzer environment. Plug it in and start designing the next generation of mobile communication today.

European Microwave Week

European Microwave Week, Milan, September 27 - 29, 2022

Test & Measurement from Gigahertz to Terahertz

Visit us at booth D18 at the Milan Convention Centre, and see for yourself our latest test capabilities for microwave components, automotive, aerospace & defense applications as well as our path to 6G.