FE170ST/SR: sub-terahertz, above expectations

Redefining the future of sub-terahertz solutions

Journey with us as we introduce our groundbreaking portfolio, spearheaded by the unparalleled R&S®SFI100A. Each component has been meticulously designed to usher in the era of sub-terahertz innovation, ensuring you're always a step ahead in the realm of 6G research and beyond.

R&S®SFI100A: Unleash unprecedented control

Coming soon - R&S®SFI100A: Unleash unprecedented control

The essential foundation for your sub-THz solution, enabling precision and innovation above expectations.

  • Up to 10 GHz RF modulation bandwidth
  • ARB with up to 8 GSample memory
  • Wideband single-ended or differential analog I/Q outputs
  • Perfect IF source for R&S®FE170ST and R&S®FE110ST frontends
  • Full integration with R&S®FE170ST and R&S®FE110ST frontends

The cornerstone of your sub-THz solutions, integrating seamlessly with our frontends and power sensors.

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Frontend Excellence


R&S®FE110ST/SR: Embrace the Power of W-Band

Integral to the Sub-THz Journey: The R&S®FE110ST/SR not only enriches the W-Band (70 to 110 GHz) capabilities but is also meticulously designed to work in tandem with the R&S®SFI100A signal generator. Its calibrated and integrated user interface uplifts the functionality of the base units, driving precise and optimal sub-THz research outcomes.


R&S®FE170ST/SR: D-Band Excellence Redefined

The Perfect Companion to R&S®SFI100A: Bridging the gap between high frequencies (110 – 170 GHz) and superior performance, the R&S®FE170ST/SR serves as the ultimate frontend solution for those leveraging the prowess of the R&S®SFI100A signal generator. Its direct control and user-friendly operation ensure that your research remains not just advanced but also efficient.


Coming soon - R&S®FC330ST/SR: Push Boundaries in the H-Band

Ultra-Wide Bandwidth Meets Seamless Integration

Delving deep into the H-Band (220 to 330 GHz), the R&S®FC330ST/SR stands out as a beacon of advanced research capabilities. Its ultra-wide bandwidth ensures precision across a broad spectrum. More importantly, its seamless integration with the star of our portfolio, the R&S®SFI100A signal generator, ensures that your sub-THz explorations remain unparalleled. Amplify your signals, harness superior clarity, and pave the way for groundbreaking research.

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R&S®NRP170TWG(N): Measure Power with Confidence

Precision Analysis in the D-Band Realm

With its eyes set firmly on the D-Band spectrum (110 - 170 GHz), the R&S®NRP170TWG(N) thermal power sensor is an indispensable tool for meticulous research and analysis.Designed to work seamlessly with the R&S®SFI100A signal generator, this power sensor not only measures but ensures every signal is captured with utmost precision. Experience full D-Band coverage, reliable connections, and traceable measurements to elevate your research to new heights. Dive into the intricacies of sub-THz with clarity and confidence.

Did you know that the unique Rohde & Schwarz 170 GHz power sensors ease use and traceability in the D-band? Read in our press release what else makes these handy little devices special.

Stefan Stahuber, Product Manager, answers three questions about the R&S®NRP170TWG(N):

Excellent performance

What are the standout features and capabilities of the R&S®NRP170TWG(N)?

You know, what sets this instrument apart is its simplicity and reliability. We designed it to take the guesswork out of D band power measurements. It fits right into your existing setup, and the best part? It's the first of its kind to have results you can trace back to international standards. That’s a big deal, especially when you’re working with frequencies above 110 GHz.

The future

Can you elaborate on the significance of the R&S®NRP170TWG(N) in supporting 6G and THz research?

For anyone diving into sub-THz research, the challenges can sometimes feel overwhelming. But with our sensor, we're aiming to change that. It’s all about giving researchers the confidence and assurance they need. When you use it, you'll know you’re getting accurate, dependable results for your projects.

The ecosystem

How do these sensors fit into the broader ecosystem of Rohde & Schwarz RF test and measurement solutions?

It’s all about seamless integration. The sensor can easily connect via USB or Ethernet, making it a breeze to work with our other T&M solutions. Imagine having pinpoint precision for D band power measurements at your fingertips. That's what we're bringing to the table with this sensor.

Poster: 6G - from mmWave to Terahertz

Poster: 6G - from mmWave to Terahertz

THz communications promises to be indispensable as a 6G building block, not only for meeting the target requirements for maximum throughput and minimal latencies but also for producing exciting new applications. Future use cases include holographic communications, extended reality (XR) and digital twinning.

Download our new poster "From mmWave to Terahertz" or get it sent to you via mail and learn about new frequency regions for 6G, verifying and fine-tuning channel models for sub-THz, 6G uses cases and more.

All you need to know about the R&S®FE170ST and R&S®FE170SR

 Sub-Terahertz, Above Expectations

Sub-Terahertz, Above Expectations

Sub-THz testing for 6G: R&S®FE170SR and R&S®FE170ST

Sub-Terahertz testing for 6G: R&S®FE170SR and R&S®FE170ST

#ThinkSix with the R&S®FE170ST and R&S®FE170SR

#Think Six - A simple to use setup for investigating signals in the D-Band

A simple to use setup for investigating signals in the D-Band

Generate & analyze 4 GHz RF bandwidth signals in the D-Band

Generate & analyze 4 GHz RF bandwidth signals in the D-Band