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  • Use cases overview

    Use cases overview Use cases Use cases Use cases for cybersecurity solutions No matter how big your business or organization is, cybersecurity is relevant to everyone. Many topics raise concerns and call on the IT security department and management to take action. A major aspect is compliance and legal regulations such as the GDPR or PSD2, as well as cyberattacks such as ransomware, advanced

  • Industries overview

    Industries overview Industries Cybersecurity solutions for the industrial sector Cybersecurity for the industrial sector Cybersecurity solutions and services for companies across all industries Increasing connectivity leads to a broader threat landscape. A lack of technical and organisational counter measures inevitably leads to data loss and theft of intellectual property, inside jobs and fraud,

  • Research Example: Particle Accelerators

    Research Example: Particle Accelerators VideoteaserParticle AcceleratorsParticle accelerators are a key element in many of today’s cutting-edge research areas, including fundamental scientific research or applied disciplines such as materials science or medicine.Rohde & Schwarz provides a large range of solutions for development, optimization and operation of particle accelerators. Select from our

  • Airborne Communications - Solution

    Airborne CommunicationsOverviewKey CapabilitiesOutstanding Radio CharacteristicsSecure CommunicationsFlexible Range of ApplicationsLow Maintenance EffortFuture-Ready InvestmentSecure RadiocommunicationsReferencesExtract of International ReferencesAirborne Transceivers R&S®MR6000A for A400M Transport AircraftEurofighter Typhoon Uses Airborne Transceivers R&S®MR6000E to CommunicateR&S®M3AR Family of

  • Air traffic control solutions

    Air traffic control solutions Air traffic control (ATC) communications Air traffic control communications and ATC solutions from Rohde & Schwarz Integrated ATC communications solutions for increasing aviation safety From the controller working position to the antenna For more than 35 years, the technology group Rohde & Schwarz has supported supervisory authorities, airports, air navigation service

  • Avionics & Navigation - Solution

    Avionics & NavigationOverviewCivil aviation and military operations alike depend on accurate distance, location, and direction measuring systems for public safety and military mission success. VOR, ILS, DME and GPS/Galileo electronic systems are just a few of the areas that require unique test and measurement capabilities. With demonstrated experience in this field, Rohde & Schwarz provides

  • Secure Communications | Solutions

    Secure Communications | Solutions Digital. Secure. Networked. Secure communications for air force, army and navy Secure national and interoperable communications. Rohde & Schwarz offers high-performance, fully integrated and modular communications solutions for all branches of the armed forces. The portfolio ranges from portable devices for dismounted soldiers and stationary applications to

  • Security solutions

    Security solutions Government & Security Security Communications and security solutions for critical infrastructures The digital transformation will leave literally no area of the economy or society unaffected. In order for it to succeed, data and communications must be safeguarded. The explosive growth of networked products makes it easier to launch digital attacks on companies, authorities and

  • Broadcast and media solutions

    Broadcast and media solutions Broadcast and media solutions from Rohde & Schwarz Broadcast and media solutions | Rohde & Schwarz Products designed to work together, solutions made to solve problems. Creating solutions using Rohde & Schwarz products can help solve issues in many areas of today’s broadcasting and media world. We focus on performance, interoperability and openness in our development

  • Connectivity

    Connectivity Connected cars are increasingly complex Connected cars Testing the increasingly complicated selection of wireless interfaces for intercompatibility and interoperability In recent years, wireless communications has rapidly made its way into the automotive industry. The growing popularity of mobile services requires intercompatibility and interoperability of the different standards used

Results 1 - 10 of 1123
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