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  • Complementary Products - Test & Measurement

    Find complementary products such as network analyzer, digital voltmeters and digital electrometer from our partners that add value to Rohde & Schwarz products.

  • Receivers - Radiomonitoring

    Rohde & Schwarz radiomonitoring receivers, such as digital wideband receivers for HF or VHF/UHF are an efficient and versatile solution for radiomonitoring.

  • DC Power supplies

    Find the right Rohde & Schwarz DC power supply that fits your technical requirements and application needs.

  • Direction Finders - Radiomonitoring

    Rohde & Schwarz direction finders for land-based, airborne, or shipboard detect any signal from 300 kHz to 3 GHz in practically no time.

  • System Components - Test & Measurement

    For demanding computational tasks, Rohde & Schwarz offers system controllers, switch units and test chambers that are versatile and flexible in everyday use.

  • Spectrum Monitoring - Radiomonitoring

    Rohde & Schwarz spectrum monitoring systems help enforce compliance with international radio traffic regulations through radio surveillance and radiomonitoring.

  • Legacy Radios - Secure Communications

    Legacy Radios provide conventional voice communication and high-speed data communication over long distances from air-to-ground, ground-to-air, and air-to-air.

  • Satellite Monitoring - Radiomonitoring

    Rohde & Schwarz satellite monitoring products support large scalable strategic and small tactical monitoring solutions for mobile and fixed satellite systems.

  • Radio transmitters

    Rohde & Schwarz FM and digital radio transmitters offer top-notch performance and efficiency and reduce your operational costs.

  • TV transmitters

    Rohde & Schwarz TV transmitters offer best-in-class performance and efficiency in a compact design ranging from low power to high power.

Results 1 - 10 of 10984
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