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EMC32: EUT Monitoring, use of the Device "Evaluation"


In the EUT Monitoring Template, Hardware Tab, I can select a measurement device "Evaluation" What is it and what can I do with it?


The tabbed structure of the EUT Monitoring template editor contains the parameters for one monitoring channel. The displayed parameters are always the ones corresponding to the channel selected in the channel overview list. This does mean you can define more than one channel for EUT monitoring.

Normally, in the Hardware tab two device parameters need to be configured, the Signal Path and the Device Selection. For the Device Selection a device must be selected to provide a measurement capability for the EUT. Typically those devices are registered in the EMC32 device list and they are from the device classes Field Probes, Monitoring, Oscilloscopes, Power Meters or Receivers.

Some kind exception is the device "EVALUATION". EVALUATION does not need any Signal Path, because this is a "Virtual Device".

EMC32: EUT Monitoring, use of the Device "Evaluation"