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EMC32 file access control, synchronize network server contents automatically


All computers where EMC32 could be run are permanently connected to the company network (by LAN connection, Wireless, or both at the same time).

Because of this, for EMC32 I would like to use a common database on a network drive with the common files for testing. This will allow to centralize the update of this files, and the simultaneus use of it at the laboratory, ensuring the consistency of the files.

How can I solve this? Are the files updated in real time when they are modified?


You would like to use a network drive for files from EMC32 database, e.g. Device list, Correction Tables, Frequency List, Reference Calibrations, Limit lines, Hardware Setups, Test Templates, Tests, ... The situation is the following:

Theoretically it is possible to move the Test folder to a network server. While the Test is running, all files of a Test are usually stored locally on the PC in a temporary folder. Only when you save and close the Test, it is copied to the Test folder. To have the Test folder on a network drive has some disadvantages. Please keep in mind that a lot of data have to be read/written to the Test folder. Compared to HD or SSD access time to a network drive is much slower.

No matter what file type, it is important to know that EMC32 expects exclusive access to all kind of files. If this is ignored, error messages will appear. EMC32 does not have any kind of file access control. The software does not block other EMC32 installations to have access to the same data simultaneously. There is a way to solve this, but you need external tools. The solution will be the following:

A lot of EMC32 customers who want to save their measurement results (Tests) as well as their EMC32 configuration files (Correction Tables, Test Templates, Hardware Setups, ...) on a network server use the following principles:

  • typically the Configuration folder containing EMC32.ini and EMC32.DeviceList file as well as the System folder with its contents are on the local drive. This avoids the problem when the network server is down.
  • they keep a reference copy of the folders above on the network server.
  • using tools like


allow to synchronize the network server contents automatically with the local drive with any direction of synchronization.

  • here some customers do it in a way that they copy each morning the whole configuration files from the network server to the local drive in order to have a defined EMC32 setup (like a software version control). Here in case you want to update a template on the server reference backup, you need to copy it to the server.

Please keep in mind that this solution is not based on EMC32. It is based on Syncovery file synchronization and backup software. You may also use similar tools available from internet. We know from other customer that this solution works fine. Please keep in mind that Syncovery is not a Rohde & Schwarz product, it is not available from Rohde & Schwarz.