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Remote readout of 2nd function at the HMC8012


Is it possible to readout the second function of the HMC8012? In the manual i only can find the fetch command, but this works only for the main function.


With the Firmware Version 1.40 a new command was introduced.
Please use "FETCH2?" to request the actual measurment data.


- Main Function set to 40V/DC, 2nd Function 200mA DC
- Measurement of DUT's voltage and current (9V, 22,67mA)

[->HMC8012] fetch?
[<-HMC8012] 9.00014973E+00
[->HMC8012] fetch2?
[<-HMC8012] 2.26442739E-02

In this context it is important to remember, that this device does the measurement sequential, not parallel.
So for example the device will refuse to acquire ACV in the first and ACI in the second channel.