This is Autonomous Testing at Rohde & Schwarz

This is Autonomous Testing at Rohde & Schwarz

Testing Autonomous Driving in an space suit?!

Theoretically possible (#noDresscode ;)) However, in normal circumstances, our developers are more surrounded by codes, technology, and absorbers than fire-resistant aramid fibers. Our mission is to ensure a safer and connected world! Through our measurement solutions, such as the Radome Tester R&S®QAR, we are also essential enablers for accident-free and safe autonomous driving. At Rohde & Schwarz, we have the opportunity to perfect our ideas without investor pressure. Hands-on mentality and innovation have been part of our DNA from the beginning.

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Always connected: The future vision of the automotive industry

Modern vehicles are equipped with a variety of antennas to manage all broadcasting and infotainment services as well as communication and control within the car. Our mission is to enable safe autonomous driving and provide the driver with a modern user experience, including features such as video streaming.

To guarantee reliability and safety, it is necessary to avoid electromagnetic interference and ensure optimized positioning of the antennas and an optimal radiation pattern. For this purpose, our experts bring the road into the lab!

We offer, for example, a controlled RF environment through our Indoor-OTA (Over-The-Air) test chamber, which replicates complete vehicle and test scenarios in a real environment. Rohde & Schwarz develops customized OTA measurement solutions for precise, reproducible vehicle antenna tests, enabling both complete 3D characterization of the vehicle's radiation pattern and end-to-end connectivity tests.

As a leading provider of EMC and OTA testing solutions worldwide, our developers and engineers can tailor our FVAT solutions to meet each unique challenge and potential application of our customers.

Beyond the Surface: Exploring Rohde & Schwarz

Employee interview: Benoit 10

"A key technology break for enabling autonomous driving"

Benoit explains how our chambers were modified to test automotive radars.

Employee Interview: Jennifer 10

"Each and every one of us can make a difference."

Jennifer provides insight into what "creative freedom" really means at R&S.

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