R&S®OSP - 1st generation 2008 - 2018

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Modular, reliable, cost-efficient

The modularity provided by the R&S®OSP family facilitates the fast setup of test and measurement configurations for applications in production, test labs and development. The ability to implement complex wiring by means of a single switch and control platform is an essential prerequisite for reliable and reproducible measurements that can be automated to enable cost-efficient test sequences

Compact and flexible

The R&S®OSP units are accommodated in a compact 19" cabinet of two height units. The powerful CPU provides maximum flexibility for controlling switch and control modules and enables the use of high-performance internal and external interfaces. The three module slots on the rear of each base unit, as well as the two module slots on the R&S®OSP120 and R&S®OSP150 front panel, can be integrated into one, extra-wide triple or double module slot to accept larger modules with an extended range of functions.

Powerful control and RF relay modules

Switch and control modules are inserted into the three rear module slots 1). Users can choose among universal electromechanical RF relay modules (from DC to – 12.4 GHz to DC – 67 GHz), solid-state relay (SSR) modules (up to 10 GHz), digital I/O modules and modules with terminated relays. These modules can be combined in any desired way, allowing users to configure their R&S®OSP - 1st generation 2008 - 2018 platform cost-efficiently as required for the application at hand.

Special modules such as the R&S®OSP-B104, R&S®OSP-B114 and R&S®OSP-PM-I make it easier to implement EMS test systems.

R&S®OSP - 1st generation 2008 - 2018 Rear view with different options.
Front view of R&S®OSP120 with one module and one RF feedthrough.
Combination of R&S®OSP - 1st generation 2008 - 2018 base, extension unit and satellite box

Extension Unit

Up to four R&S®OSP150 extension units can be connected via the CAN bus port of the base unit. This makes it possible to enhance the base unit's functionality when setting up an R&S®OSP system, and also provides an economical way to expand existing R&S®OSP systems in order to meet future requirements

Extension Unit


In addition to the R&S®OSP150 extension unit, the compact R&S®OSP - 1st generation 2008 - 2018‑B200S2 satellite box is available to enhance the R&S®OSP - 1st generation 2008 - 2018 platform's functionality. The satellite box enables remote operation, i.e. it shifts RF switch and control tasks close to the DUT or the antennas. This reduces the number of long RF cables required, improving RF performance and saving cost. The satellite box is controlled via a serial electrical bus cable (wired link) or a fiberoptic link (FOL), as required in a given application.

Easy control and system integration

All base units can be controlled via the Ethernet interface. This interface makes it possible to connect the platform to a PC, integrate it into test systems or remotely operate it via a corporate network.

The R&S®OSP130 model has a control panel and display for manual operation of the R&S®OSP130 and any connected extension units. Manual operation of the R&S®OSP120 is possible by connecting an external keyboard, mouse and monitor. The supplied operating software or a web GUI can be used for easy, direct control of the switch and control modules; no special software knowledge is required.

It is also possible to control the platform from application programs such as LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, Agilent VEE, C++, C#, Visual Basic, Visual Basic.NET.

Operating menu and web GUI of R&S®OSP130
Operating software of R&S®OSP - 1st generation 2008 - 2018

1) As an alternative, it is also possible to insert one or two modules into the two front slots of the R&S OSP120.

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