Безопасность мобильной связи

Безопасность мобильной связи

Securing mobile devices and protect critical communications anywhere

The security of mobile devices and applications is essential, especially in view of the fact that more and more business processes are executed on smartphones or tablets. Today, almost every employee has access to company data via a mobile device. Therefore, protecting sensitive information with appropriate security solutions for the business sector is critical. Besides the daily phone calls, messengers have arrived in the business world.

Your challenges

Smartphones and tablets tend to be lost or are often stolen, enabling strangers to access sensitive business data. The main risk in this context is malware, even inside applications. Attackers use malicious apps and try to steal data of any application on the mobile device. This could be contacts, messages, voice communications, e-mails or credit card information that is entered during online banking. Adequate security measures are therefore indispensable for secure, efficiency-increasing use of mobile devices in enterprises. When it comes to messengers, safety is often neglected. In addition, many solutions do not fulfill data protection requirements. Additionally, the individual configuration of commercial apps is only possible to a limited extent.

Benefits of our products

  • Unparalleled mobile device security with hardened security kernel.
  • Separation of private and business area on single mobile devices.
  • Secure access to business resources.
  • Highly secure messenger for iOS and Android that simultaneously encrypts phone calls.
  • Crypto-agility from scratch and use of latest encryption algorithms.
R&S®Trusted Mobile

Надежное мобильное устройство R&S®Trusted Mobile

  • Эффективная защита смартфонов и планшетов
  • Разделение на изолированные отделения (открытые и ограниченные)
  • Безопасный доступ к бизнес-ресурсам
  • Настраиваемая мобильная операционная система на базе Android
  • Централизованное управление системой EMM/MDM
R&S®Trusted Communicator

Надежный коммуникатор R&S®Trusted Communicator

  • Безопасный мессенджер для операционных систем iOS и Android
  • Шифруемые телефонные вызовы
  • Криптографически гибкое решение
  • Интуитивно-понятный пользовательский интерфейс
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