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Mobile network testing products

Mobile network testing equipment portfolio

The Rohde & Schwarz mobile network testing product portfolio is designed around the Smart platform, a fully integrated solution platform covering all use cases and test scenarios along the lifecycle of a mobile network. With Smart, Rohde & Schwarz offers a modular, scalable and future-proof platform comprising specially engineered hardware for high-quality data collection and sophisticated software with versatile and use case-driven analytics features. Its ultimate goal is to increase network performance and maximize QoE (quality of experience) with higher productivity and efficiency.

MNT product portfolio overview

Mobile network data analytics


Software suite for QoE data analytics

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Mobile network data collection

QualiPoc Android

Software for smartphone-based QoE testing.

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Network scanner family for drive and walk tests.

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Universal network engineering software platform.

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Software for controlling drive and walk test benchmarking campaigns.

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Software for real-time network monitoring and fleet management.

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R&S®5G site testing solution

Integrated solution for 5G site testing and troubleshooting.

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R&S®Cable Rider ZPH

One-port cable and antenna analyzer.

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R&S®Spectrum Rider FPH

Handheld spectrum analyzer.

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Handheld interference locator.

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Portable monitoring receiver.

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Automatic interference hunting and emitter location software.

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Data collection hardware options

R&S®Freerider 4 Backpack

State-of-the-art portable mobile network test solution

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Test Device Containment Module (TCM)

Smartphone housing for stable and uniform test conditions in combination with Vehicle Roof Box

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QualiPoc Android Probe

Ruggedized housing for smartphones

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Related test solution information

MNT test solution guide

Test solution guide to maximize network quality and performance.

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MNT solution overview

The mobile network testing solution overview covers all phases of the network lifecycle from spectrum clearance and installation to benchmarking and optimization.

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