OpenQKD – a research project funded by the EU

Open European Quantum Key Distribution Testbed


OPENQKD aims to bring about a change in the way we see, understand and use quantum communication. Its main focus is to create and test a communication network infrastructure using Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). This is a particularly secure form of encryption that allows data to be transmitted with a built-in eavesdropper detection mechanism. It will lay the groundwork for a pan-European quantum communication infrastructure that uses satellite as well as ground-based solutions.

Approach and goals

OPENQKD has the ambition to reinforce Europe’s global position at the forefront of quantum communication capabilities. We aim to:

  • Demonstrate the transparent integration of quantum-safe solutions broadly across the European digital landscape.
  • Create several open QKD testbeds plus smaller demonstrators to promote network functionality and use-cases to potential end-users and relevant stakeholders.
  • Develop an innovation ecosystem and training ground and help to grow the technology and solution supply chains for quantum communication technologies and services.

Project organisation

OpenQKD is a joint research project funded by the European Commission and involves various expert partners from research and industrial fields. The Austrian Institute of Technology is responsible for the project lead.

  • Project management: European Commission
  • Consortium: Austrian Institute of Technology, Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity GmbH and 38 further project partners from 13 EU states in total
  • Project duration: 09/2019 – 09/2022

Open European Quantum Key Distribution

OpenQKD is one element of the European Quantum communications infrastructure (QCI) that is currently being established. Numerous countries have already joined this EU initiative not only that value creation remains in Europe, but also to protect the data in the future quantum Internet.

Link to the website of the consortium:

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