Home Office Security

On the security of telework: What enterprises need to know now

Digital technologies make it possible to work independently of time and place. Work from home is becoming an everyday occurrence for more and more employees. However, these opportunities offered by new working models go hand in hand with challenges for IT security, sometimes changing the IT infrastructure of one's own organization to remote access "overnight".

Many authorities and organizations then find themselves in a kind of fast-paced digitalization process, as employees work exclusively from home - a situation for which only very few are sufficiently prepared. And if new digital processes, technologies and their applications are not yet firmly established, IT security is sometimes neglected.

We therefore provide you with an up-to-date overview of how you can make telework cyber secure and use time and resources in the best possible way to guard against cyber threats and poor perimeter protection, so that information security remains a top priority even in the home office.

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