Radomes and Bumpers

Radome testing

Ensuring the quality of radomes and bumpers

Automotive radars are usually mounted behind bumpers or radomes.

When selecting the materials, care must be taken to ensure good signal penetrability in the desired frequency band. The use of lower quality radomes can impair signals to such an extent that angular errors, distortions and strong signal attenuation occur.

The R&S®QAR offers the ideal way to quickly and reliably filter out lower quality bumpers and radomes in production. It furthermore features the possibility of producing spatially resolved mmWave images of the reflectivity and transmittivity of the radome material to detect inhomogeneities within the material.

The R&S®ZVA network analyzer is used to determine the relative permissibility of radome material.

Benefits of our solutions

  • Fewer failures of customer functions thanks to the higher, consistent quality of the radomes used
  • Spatially resolved analysis of transmission and reflection values within seconds

For more detailed information, see our flyer "Excellence in precision solutions of automotive radar".

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R&S®QAR quality automotive radome tester

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R&S®ZVA vector network analyzers

The R&S®ZVA series is an ideal choice for evaluating the quality of automotive radome materials.

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New products

Download our R&S®QAR app card

  • Radar-independent test without the need for a radar device
  • Spatially resolved reflectivity measurement of design radomes
  • Detailed spectral measurement of radome transmission loss
  • Fully remote controllable for highly automated measurements

Transmission measurement

Material under test with engraved R&S logo (logo is 600 µm thicker than the rest)
Material under test with engraved R&S logo (logo is 600 µm thicker than the rest)
DUT with inhomogeneous distribution (left) and proper (homogenous) distribution (right)
DUT with inhomogeneous distribution (left) and proper (homogenous) distribution (right)

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