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Control slidebar from EMC32


I would like to connect a controller with EMC32 program and measure the disturbance field strength with at a certain distance in sync with motorised rail. I would like to setup the communication between my controller and EMC32. Can you send me some instructions for communication between EMC32 and external hardware?


Above 30 MHz, where radiated disturbance is predominant, the interference is defined by the disturbance field strength at a certain distance. Small EUTs mainly emit disturbance via connected cables, e.g. power cables. For this reason, and also to reduce extensive field strength measurements to a minimum, many standards stipulate the MDS21 absorbing clamp to measure the disturbance power Absorbing clamp MDS-21 is used with a so called "Slidebar" controller device from EMC32 Device List. Running a Test, a motorised Slidebar automatically moves MDS21 to the required positions. Below you see a screenshot from EMC32 Device List. As you can see from here, EMC32 can communicate with one of the following common Slidebar controllers:

FAQ Control slidebar from EMC32 - screen 1

To move MDS21 automatically via a remote interface, it is needed to have one of the these controller devices.
If this is the case, you can add the Device to the List of "Configured Devices".

FAQ Control slidebar from EMC32 - screen 1

and define remote interface and the address. It will then be possible to switch the device from "Virtual" mach "Physical".

FAQ Control slidebar from EMC32 - screen 3

If everything is well set, you can add the slidebar to your EMC32 Hardware Setup and to define a Test Template.

If this is not possible because you have a manual slide bar or your motorised rail does not comply, don't worry, using of EMC32 is still possible. In this case, if you run a Test, you will get popup messages asking you to move Absorbing clamp manually to certain positions. Simply confirm this with "Proceed Measurement" and continue until Test including Test Report is finished.


FAQ Control slidebar from EMC32 - screen 4