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HMP Series fan test


Is there a way to test the fans of my HMP Power Supply? I am not sure, if they work properly.


When switching on the unit, the blowers should start up for about 5 seconds (tested with FW. 2.62).

There is also an undocumented function available, that allows you to test the inbuilt fans: When the Power supply is switched on, just press [REMOTE] until the Fan Speed Test appears.

The level of activation can be set by using the rotary knob from 0 up to 255. It is also possible to go directly from 0 to 255 in one step by a left-hand turn. When incrementing the values from 0 on, the fan does not start from the first steps on, because it needs some starting current level. So if you want to test the fan with slow speeds, it's recommended to first raise the value until the fan starts rotating and only then reduce the speed to the desired range.

The test can be left by pressing the [MENU] button.