Civil aviation manufacturers

Civil aviation manufacturers

The R&S®XK516 airborne voice/data radio is designed for use in commercial aircraft. The system provides conventional voice air-to-ground, ground-to-air, and air-to-air data communications over long distances. It is suitable for aircraft operational communications (AOC), airline administrative communications (AAC) as well as air traffic communications (ATC).

The data communications modules are fully integrated in the transceiver. The voice/data radio therefore fits into the space of the conventional HF voice radio. Additional space for the data communications capability is not needed. The functioning of the equipment is controlled by the integrated test system that continuously monitors a number of functions. After the test routine has been triggered, the faulty module will be located and indicated. BITE results are reported to the onboard CFDS/CMC system via two ARINC 429 busses.


Interfaces to the central maintenance systems of Airbus and Boeing are implemented in the radio, which results in one order number for nearly all aircraft types. The R&S®XK516D HF airborne voice/data radio is designed to meet the requirements of the following standards:

  • ARINC 719 (voice function)
  • ARINC 753 and 635 (data function)

The integrated data communications capability meets the specifications of ARINC 753 and 635 and provides data communications at a data rate of 1800 bit/s.

Global HF data

Communications are possible by using strategically located data link ground stations, which provide access to ARINC and SITA airline networks as well as to Honeywell’s global data center. For full compatibility between existing and new equipment as well as aircraft wiring, three interfaces between transceiver and antenna coupler are simultaneously available:

  • Multiwire serial interface in line with ARINC 753
  • Conventional ARINC 719 control lines
  • Single-wire coaxial interface

This ensures the interchangeability of the LRUs with existing voice transceivers and couplers. The single-wire coaxial interface needs only the coaxial cable to transfer control and BITE information between transceiver and coupler. Therefore, it has a high potential for reducing weight. The retrofitting of older aircraft is simple because it does not depend on the existing aircraft wiring.

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