PRISMON Audio/Video Content monitoring and multiviewer

Multiviewing & Monitoring

Our next generation solution for broadcast and streaming services

In the fast-paced world of broadcasting and media services, efficiently navigating the challenges of ever-growing standards and formats for media content transport and encoding is paramount for success. To help your business meet these challenges, Rohde & Schwarz offers reliable and versatile software-based multiviewer and monitoring solutions.

Designed to fit within your workflows, R&S®PRISMON is a flexible and easy-to-use software-based multiviewer solution, running on the commercial off-the-shelf hardware of your choice. It supports all common IP formats as well as SDI and also delivers a low latency multiviewer image, along with sophisticated monitoring capabilities.

R&S®PRISMON Multiviewing

R&S®PRISMON Multiviewer

R&S®PRISMON multiviewer is a future-proof software-based solution that allows your business to navigate the complexity of modern studio and production environments with ease, enabling you to cross the boundary between SDI and SMPTE 2110 media over IP standard. Discover how R&S®PRISMON can benefit your business with its easy-to-use configuration for operators, and its highly flexible deployments built to suit your individual system challenges.

R&S®PRISMON Monitoring

R&S®PRISMON Monitoring

R&S®PRISMON monitoring is an innovative and versatile software-based solution for monitoring and analysis of audio/video real-time content. Learn how it can support your business as it works with present and future plethora of standards for content transport and media formats, both in legacy and modern IP-based environments, along with a comprehensive set of protocols for OTT/streaming scenarios.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Unmatched versatility in transport protocols and standards and unmatched versatility in media formats and standards, means less guessing and more flexibility for your operations
  • Software-based means you get the advantage of COTS hardware and flexibility of future-proof software updates with new features and standards as they evolve
  • Powerful Multiviewer Control Center allows for more operational flexibility
  • Cost-effective thanks to the license server with dynamic allocation of floating licenses
  • Comprehensive and extendable set of functions for reliable signal analysis and content monitoring
  • Easy-to-use Rooms & Scenario concept allows for fast and flexible deployment of complex operational multiviewer scenarios
  • Future-proof extensibility
  • Flexible deployment options for large IP-multiviewer installations in studio/production environments
PRISMON Audio/Video Content monitoring and multiviewer

Learn more about multiviewing and monitoring

Watch the webinar: How Broadcasters can navigate the complex requirements of multiviewing and monitoring various signal types

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