Full-vehicle antenna testing

Full-vehicle antenna testing

Custom solutions for vehicle antenna testing and verification

Modern vehicles feature a multitude of antennas for different technologies. Placed at various locations inside and outside the vehicle, these high-performance antennas enable connectivity for features such as satellite navigation (GNSS), Wi-Fi, UWB (RKE) and cellular services (eg C-V2X) among many others.

All of these high-performance antennas require full-vehicle antenna testing, not only to ensure their proper positioning, reduce wiring and save costs, but also to ensure optimal radiation patterns and reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Rohde & Schwarz offers customized full vehicle antenna test systems and services that meet even the most demanding applications and are relied upon by vehicle manufacturers around the world.
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Your testing challenges

Your testing challenges

Component suppliers and vehicle manufacturers require detailed testing of integrated antennas to ensure optimal radiation patters and safe and reliable operation of all a vehicle’s wireless technologies. This is particularly demanding because the shape and material of a vehicle influences the performance of antennas.

The antenna performance needs to be verified in a controlled RF environment, such as an indoor EMC test chamber that provides over-the-air (OTA), full-vehicle and real-world scenario testing.

Leading edge, full-vehicle antenna testing solutions

Leading-edge full vehicle antenna testing solutions

Rohde & Schwarz offers customized high-performance anechoic EMC test chamber solutions for performing high-precision, reproducible full-vehicle antenna testing, providing full 3D characterization of the vehicle’s radiation pattern.

The turnkey system comprises turn table, vehicle lift and a single-probe moving antenna arm with two-axis positioner, passive and active antenna measurements, with all the accompanying software solutions for the automatic control, measurement sequencing and reporting.

As a world leader in EMC and over the air (OTA) testing, Rohde & Schwarz FVAT solutions are able to adapt to any unique challenges and possible applications.

Benefits of Rohde & Schwarz FVAT solutions:

  • One-stop shop offering turn-key solutions tailored to your needs, including the system design, setup, training and calibration by regional specialist service centers
  • Reliable and fast measurements by optimized use of leading-edge Rohde & Schwarz test products and software
  • Future-proof solution by the EMC and OTA testing market leader for the earliest possible integration of new wireless standards

Benoit Derat, Rohde & Schwarz

"Modern vehicles require a large number of high-performance antennas and integrated antenna modules to handle all the modern broadcast and infotainment services as well as car communication and control. Rohde & Schwarz offers the leading-edge, turn-key solutions for testing and verifying these antennas as an integral part of the vehicle."

Benoît Derat, Senior Director of Development for EMC, OTA and Antenna Test Systems at Rohde & Schwarz

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