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Language: EN
Presenter: Mohamed Aziz Taga, Rohde & Schwarz

5G Enabled Middle East

Conference: 5G Enabled Middle East

5G Broadcast/Multicast – Future of content distribution

5G technology deployment is set to be a game changer and its impact exceeds further than just the telecom sector. The transforming capabilities of the 5G technology has been spoken about widely. 5G technology is enabling transformation across industries and 5G Enabled Middle East is the first of its kind event in the region to highlight the role of 5G in driving innovation, creating opportunities across diverse industries and transforming industry processes and methods.

"5G enabled Middle East" was organized to share insights on real applications for 5G, market readiness and the future of the 5G ecosystem in the region. Speaker Mohamed Aziz Taga, Product Manager / Business Development Lead 5G Media Services & Transmitter Systems talks about 5G Broadcast/Multicast – Future of content distribution.

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