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Language: EN
Presenter: Mohamed Aziz Taga, Rohde & Schwarz

Webinar: 5G Broadcast-Multicast - The Future of Content Distribution

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5G Broadcast-Multicast - The Future of Content Distribution

Content consumption by mobile consumers is taking current networks beyond their capable limits. Dramatic increases in consumption have forced network operators to throttle bandwidth and reduce speeds and forced content providers to go back to standard definition for their media.

In this webinar we explore what we believe to be the next generation of core enabling technologies for mobile communication networks, that promises to provide new and radically different technological and business opportunities. The 5G standard enables new broadcast and multicast capabilities within its ecosystem as it offers network operators and broadcasters significant opportunities in several new business areas

While offloading data capacity to create high spectral efficiency and reduced costs, using broadcast and/or multicast over 5G mobile network operators can deliver premium content to consumers while they are still attached to cellular networks – and it’s all possible with consistent high Quality of Service (QoS) and higher Quality of Experience (QoE).

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