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Language: EN
Duration: 40 min
Presenters: Graziano Casale & Maurice Uhlmann

DAB in 2024: Network optimization for affordable OPEX

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DAB in 2024: Network optimization for affordable OPEX

Digital radio is experiencing a boost in usage across many countries. Despite the technology dating back to the 90s, we currently see more vehicles and devices that support DAB/DAB+. There is also a different economic scenario surrounding digital radio, and old networks are in need of an upgrade.

Understanding the signal quality implications of a network can be an opportunity for many operators to increase their viewership while simultaneously reducing operational expenses to run their network with modern technology.

In this webinar, we will focus on MER Value versus Efficiency by showing real measurements and explaining what this implies for your network. We will then combine the gains with the newest high efficiency technology available in today’s transmitters.