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Mobile network technologies don’t cease to amaze Magnus Hylén. The Technology Product Manager has been exploring mobile network technologies throughout his professional life – from first generation automatic analog voice networks to today’s 4G and 5G multimedia networks. An engineer at heart, Magnus feels compelled to innovate and improve mobile network testing products that facilitate our customers’ everyday tasks. After 3 decades in the telco industry, Magnus finds himself mesmerized again and again by the process of innovation, including confusion and headaches at the start and clarity and tangible results at the end.

Improving 5G and LTE layer 3 message flow readability

June 07, 2023 | by Magnus Hylén

Read more about radio resource control layer 3 signaling in 5G NR and LTE networks (connection control, measurement configuration and mobility procedures).

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Testing can make Open RAN a success

January 31, 2022 | by Magnus Hylén

The biggest challenges the industry faces with Open RAN include the interoperability of different elements from different vendors and generating performance levels similar to those of single vendor networks. Extensive testing can help overcome these challenges.

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NB-IoT: Field report with results from NB-IoT UE measurements (part 3)

September 4, 2017 | by Magnus Hylén

This field report describes key measurement results that we obtained by using NB-IoT user equipment (UE) as data collection tools. Read on and discover our findings from connecting pre-commercial NB-IoT modules and modems to the R&S®ROMES4 drive test software for network engineering and optimization.

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New e-book provides unparalleled insight into the 5G NR world

What's the status of 5G NR? What are the test and measurement requirements, and how do we approach them? Download our new e-book now and get unparalleled insight into the world of 5G NR.

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The world's first 5G NR network measurement solution

Rohde & Schwarz is pioneering 5G New Radio (5G NR) network measurements with the world's first commercially available 5G NR network measurement solution. This solution enables users in the 5G network ecosystem as well as regulators to measure the 5G NR network coverage accurately - one of the biggest challenges in the network planning.

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Pioneers in NB-IoT field measurements

We are paving the way to NB-IoT by provding the world's first accurate LTE/NB-IoT coverage measurement solution: via a software upgrade, the R&S ROMES drive test software now also supports NB-IoT coverage measurements with R&S TSMx scanners.

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