Spectrum analyzer fundamentals

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Basics of spectrum analyzers and RF measurements

Step-by-step guides to mastering the fundamentals

The spectrum analyzer is an invaluable tool for troubleshooting and optimizing electronic systems! It allows the user to visualize and measure the amplitude of different frequency components within a given signal. Its key feature is displaying the signal amplitude versus frequency in a graphical format. Users can identify frequency peaks, signal harmonics and interference patterns.

These articles will walk you through the fundamentals of spectrum analyzers, along with related applications. From understanding spectrum analyzer operation to learning the basics of RF measurements, we are your go-to resource for mastering spectrum analyzers.

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Understanding RF

What is RF and where is it used? Learn more about RF and applications that it is used in.

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Understanding basic spectrum analyzer operation

Learn how to use a spectrum analyzer and perform basic measurements with it.

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RF test and measurement equipment

Every device which uses RF, from TV and radios to Wi-Fi, cell phones, GPS, etc. was created using RF T&M instruments. Learn here which ones.

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Understanding Channel Power Measurements

Learn here what channel power is and the three most common ways that channel power is measured.

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Choosing a near field probe

A must-read guide on how to choose near field probes! Learn about near field probes, why they are important for EMC compliance and debugging and what to look for when selecting a probe.

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Webinar: Fundamentals of VNA measurements

Webinar: Fundamentals of VNA measurements

This webinar is designed for engineers who need to characterize RF components such as cables, filters, and antennas, or wish to deepen their understanding of VNA (Vector Network Analyzer) measurements. The session will delve into the fundamentals of vector network analysis, offer a step-by-step walkthrough of a simple calibration process, and provide a demonstration of antenna measurement.

Register now and learn more about the fundamentals of VNA measurements, S-parameters, voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) and return loss, the importance of calibration in network analyzer measurements and more.

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