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EMC32 measurements with more than 1000000 points


I have a question about EMC32 for automotive OEM measurements.

We are working with some setups with a huge quantity of points.

EMC32 only support 1.000.000 of points, so we have to divide our measurement. in several frequency ranges…

Do you know if there is another wayto go around this?


If you are using a Receiver equipped with Time Domain Scan (in EMC32 you are able to select Scan Mode ScanFast), you can use the Data Reduction Factor to reduce to number of points.

EMC32 measurements with more than 1000000 points

If your Test Receiver is equipped with this option, ScanFast allows a 'live data reduction' of the transferred measurement results, in order to reduce the number of measurement points to be stored.

After all, you are only interested in maximum values. To use this feature, pleaese select a Data Reduction Factor of >1 .

Please keep in mind, that the frequency resolution will by reduced by that factor, too. Therefore an additional zoom measurement may be required for finding the accurate frequency of a narrowband interferer. This zoom measurement is implemented in EMC32 Auto Test EMC32-K10.

To reduce the number of points could be useful in any case, because saving results with many results is more time-consuming.