Improved situational awareness

Case Study

Improved situational awareness

HungaroControl - ATC direction finding solution for more safety in air traffic

HungaroControl provides air navigation services in Hungarian airspace and in the upper airspace over Kosovo. The Hungarian air navigation services provider (ANSP) safely managed more than one million flights in 2019 and awarded Rohde & Schwarz a contract to provide the

Customer requirements
HungaroControl is one of the leading ANSPs in Europe, driving the improvement of safety, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability.
To overcome the increasing demand in capacity, HungaroControl is constantly pushing the boundaries with innovative solutions.
Beyond their own research and development activities, HungaroControl carefully selects leading industry suppliers to improve their integrated ATM system.

Rohde & Schwarz solution

CERTIUM® LOCATE automatically identifies calling aircraft on radar screens and thereby increases the ATC controller’s situational awareness in a cost-effective way. The solution consists of seven Rohde & Schwarz direction finding systems with redundant IP connectivity in combination with a central location server that interfaces with the main ATM system for countrywide location (VHF ATC band) covering over 10 000 feet MSL.

The key features of CERTIUM® LOCATE
CERTIUM® LOCATE increases the ATC controller’s situational awareness by clearly geo-referencing calling aircraft on the radar screen. The scalable location system meets the requirements of large airports and area control centers since it geolocates aircraft in airport areas and en route.

The direction finders are installed on masts and housed in compact outdoor boxes, making direction finding results for all frequency channels available to the central location server for geolocating aircraft. If integrated in existing ATM systems, controllers can safely handle numerous flights even when traffic volume is high, and they will experience a dramatic reduction of psychological stress. This helps avoid confusion and saves precious seconds when controlling an ever more crowded airspace.

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On-demand webinar

Join the webinar to learn how CERTIUM® LOCATE technology increases safety and efficiency, get technical background on topics such as sensor sizing and positioning, and hear testimonials.

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ATC location system

CERTIUM® LOCATE is a turnkey solution for locating calling aircraft. It enables immediate and reliable aircraft identification on the radar screen to increase situational awareness.

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Airport tower

Thanks to the CERTIUM® IP based scalable architecture, small and medium airports benefit from a cost-efficient system with few controller working postions and radios. Large international hubs, rely on a redundant ATC infrastructure with safety features and integrated georeferencing of calling aircraft.

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