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Crystal clear sound, wide choice of stations and uninterrupted enjoyment is what DAB+ is meant to be. Innovation is what drives this vision to reality and is what you seek as network operator. Here at Rohde & Schwarz we have implemented innovative ideas into our DAB+ transmitters to help you deliver today, all built on our passion for radio since 1949.

Minimize your operational costs, maximize your network

You know that running a great DAB+ network requires careful consideration of what works and what pays. That’s why we offer a range of wide power levels within the same innovative transmitter series, deep performance features such as adaptive digital pre-correction, R&S Efficiency Optimization, plus the lowest total cost of ownership available. Minimizing your costs also involves looking at ways to save in operations, such as common characteristics for all transmitters of a DAB+ network, universal serviceability and highest power efficiency in all power classes.

The seamless experience

Networks don’t run themselves, and they take dedicated people to manage well. Rohde & Schwarz has deployed many DAB+ networks and knows what it means to ensure maximum performance, low maintenance and minimum stress for our customers. By supporting our customers long after installation, understanding their needs and building products that meet their challenges we make sure our DAB+ transmitters offer an unmatched experience.

Your network, our technologies, a great match!

Engineered into the range of Rohde & Schwarz DAB+ transmitters are technologies entirely dedicated to minimizing downtime and maintaining maximum operational efficiency. Built in self-diagnostic capabilities enhance your DAB+ network whilst reducing infrastructure complexity to simplify the way of interaction for your NOC and field maintenance team. After all, a network is only as good as the single blocks it consists of, with our TxV9evo transmitters we offer best-in-class solutions to bring your network to the next level and most importantly reduce network downtime.

Manfred Reitmeier, Vice President Broadcast and Amplifier Systems

Our DAB+ customers expect high performance, great value and superb reliability, and that’s what our team has created with the TxV9evo series.

Manfred Reitmeier, Vice President Broadcast and Amplifier Systems, Rohde & Schwarz

Verwandte Produkte

Rohde & Schwarz upgrades terrestrial transmission for the leading FM broadcaster in the United Arab Emirates

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K-NET Limited spearhead the DAB+ trial in Ghana using transmitters from Rohde & Schwarz in collaboration with Broadcasting

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Verwandte Produkte

R&S®THV9evo high-power transmitter

Our R&S®THV9evo VHF high-power transmitter family for DTV and DAB+ heralds the next step towards minimizing operating costs for terrestrial broadcasting.

Its overall energy efficiency values of up to 46 % for COFDM and 50 % for ATSC represent all-time highs.


R&S®SpycerBox Cell

Die kompakte R&S®SpycerBox Cell Medienspeicherlösung, die nur eine Höheneinheit Platz in Anspruch nimmt, bietet eine unvergleichliche Performance von bis zu 3 GB/s für anspruchsvolle Live- und Studioproduktionen.


R&S®TLV9 low-power transmitter

Our new R&S®TLV9 represents a major technological advancement for DAB+ and digital TV low-power transmitters. It has an extremely robust design and provides excellent efficiency of up to 30 % in a compact 2 RU form factor.


R&S®ETL broadcast analyzer

All you need for broadcast signal analysis is in one instrument. The R&S®ETL broadcast analyzer is an all-in-one solution. It combines the functionality of a TV and radio signal analyzer and a spectrum analyzer in a single instrument.


R&S®NRP18T power sensor

For checking the correct output power setting of a DAB+ transmitter, we recommend the R&S NRP18T thermal power sensor of the R&S NRP family.


R&S®SFE100 test transmitter

The R&S SFE100 is a multistandard test transmitter providing real-time coding for broadcast signals. It supports all common digital and analog TV standards and a number of audio broadcasting standards including DAB+.


DAB+ solutions

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