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R&S®QPS - customs scanning solution

Security screening for customs and border security

With its outstanding detection capabilities, the R&S®QPS sets a new benchmark for security screening. It uses cutting-edge millimeterwave (mmWave) technology that enables exceptionally high scan resolution. This makes the R&S®QPS ideal for protecting against threats and contraband carried by inbound travelers.

Unlike traditional metal detectors, the R&S®QPS is capable of detecting items regardless of material. From powders and drugs to money and counterfeit products, the scanner can be trained to detect all object classes. Systems that use X-ray technologies expose people to ionizing radiation and cannot detect low density materials. They also struggle to detect items such as lead and crystals. The mmWave technology used by the R&S®QPS, on the other hand, can detect such objects, making it attractive for customs and border control applications.

Challenges for customs security

There are two primary challenges for customs and border security screening:

  • Detection of various object classes
  • Collection of forensic data

Customs and border control need to prevent a diverse range of objects from crossing the border. Restricted items can include everything from obvious threats such as firearms and drugs to tobacco products and rough diamonds. Manually searching for such items is time consuming, and many screening technologies are not capable of detecting all object classes.

Despite best efforts, sometimes contraband makes it over the border. This can lead to accusations and bad press or even lawsuits. It is useful to have proof that the problem was not caused by a customs oversight.

High-performance customs scanning solutions

The R&S®QPS combines mmWave technology with AI-based algorithms to detect every potential threat or contraband. The algorithms used by the R&S®QPS are certified by the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC), the United States’ Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and other supervisory authorities - confirming their performance and effectiveness.

Data from the R&S®QPS can be uploaded to the R&S®QPS Server, the central security management system for the R&S®QPS. This is useful for collecting forensic data as well as performance analysis. The R&S®QPS Server can also be used for data integration from third-party devices (e.g., metal detectors) and includes data protection measures according to the latest cybersecurity standards.

Benefits of Rohde & Schwarz customs security solutions

  • Best-in-class detection capabilities
  • Future-proof design
  • Modular design for future integration
  • Server for statistical data

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Are mmWaves safe?

Yes, mmWaves are non-ionizing and non-invasive, making them 100% safe for human use.

Can you detect something inside a person’s body?

No, the mmWaves used by the R&S®QPS are reflected by human skin. This is what makes the technology safe, but it also means that it cannot detect objects within the body.

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