R&S®ESL EMI Test Receiver

Compact, cost-effective measuring receiver

  • R&S®FSL-B4 Bestellnummer 1300.6008.02
    OCXO Reference Frequency

  • R&S®FSL-B5 Bestellnummer 1300.6108.02
    Additional Interfaces

    video out, IF out, noise source control, AUX port, connector for the R&S®NRP power sensors

  • R&S®FSL-B10 Bestellnummer 1300.6208.02
    GPIB Interface

  • R&S®FSL-B8 Bestellnummer 1300.5701.02
    Gated Sweep Function

  • R&S®FSL-B22 Bestellnummer 1300.5953.02
    RF Preamplifier

    3 GHz/6 GHz

  • R&S®FSL-B30 Bestellnummer 1300.6308.02
    DC Power Supply, 12 V to 28 V

  • R&S®FSL-B31 Bestellnummer 1300.6408.02
    NiMH Battery Pack

    requires R&S®FSL-B30

EMI Measurement Software
  • R&S®EMC32-K11 Bestellnummer 1117.6862.02
    EMC Test Sequencer

    Smart linking of EMC test sequences

    To run the R&S®EMC32-K11 software option, the R&S®EMC32-EB basic package for EMI measurements and/or the R&S®EMC32-S basic package for EMS measurements is required.

  • R&S®EMC32-EB Bestellnummer 1300.7010.02
    EMI measurement software, version 9

    basic version for commercial and military standards; hardlock protection

  • R&S®EMC32-K10 Bestellnummer 1117.6840.02
    EMI Auto Test

    Fully automatic disturbance measurements To run the R&S®EMC32-K10 software option, the R&S®EMC32-EB basic package for EMI measurements is required.

  • R&S®ES-SCAN Bestellnummer 1308.9270.02R&S®ES-SCAN EMI Software
    EMI Software

    User-friendly software for EMI measurements

Recommended Extras
  • R&S®ZZA-S334 Bestellnummer 1109.4487.00R&S®ZZA-S334 19" Rack Adapter
    19" Rack Adapter

    For mounting a 3/4 19" housing 3 RU high in a standard 19" rack

  • R&S®FSL-Z3 Bestellnummer 1300.5401.00R&S®FSL-Z3 Soft Carrying Bag
    Soft Carrying Bag

  • R&S®EVS-Z6 Bestellnummer 5201.7760.00R&S®EVS-Z6 Protective Hard Cover
  • R&S®FSL-Z4 Bestellnummer 1300.5430.02
    Additional Charger Unit

  • R&S®EZ-27 Bestellnummer 1142.8271.02
    Adapter for LISN control cable

    Required to connect R&S®EZ-21 and R&S®ESL

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