External interference hunting in a 5G World

Making networks ready for 5G expansion

Interference hunting continues to play a critical role in ensuring the quality and performance of mobile networks. But different from 4G/LTE, the emergence of TDD in the C-Band/Band n78 and the general complexity of 5G deployments have created some new challenges when it comes to identifying and removing network interference. In addition, the emergence of private 5G networks for manufacturing, warehouses, ports, etc. brings forth new stakeholders with more demanding performance and quality requirements. With our wide interference hunting portfolio, R&S covers the needs of interference hunting specialists as well as field technicians occasionally searing for external interference sources. With our new microwave handheld spectrum analyser R&S®FPH44, tailored antennas R&S®HE800 PA we cover the full FR2 range in 5G. With the very fast and sensitive R&S®PR200 complicated interference situations can be resolved in an efficient and fast way.




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